Houston Urban Debate League Presents Opportunity to Help

by Kevin Dubose, Alexander Dubose & Townsend LLP

The Houston Urban Debate League (HUDL) is a non-profit organization working with HISD to restore competitive cross-examination policy debate to inner city Houston High Schools (where it once thrived, but until last year had almost completely disappeared). Because this type of debate is similar to appellate oral advocacy, and because many appellate lawyers got their start as high school debaters, appellate lawyers are natural sources of support for this important initiative.

To learn more about HUDL, go to www.houstonurbandebateleague.org.

To volunteer to serve as a mentor for 3 hours/month, e-mail margaret.telegen@gmail.com.

To contribute financial support go to http://houstonurbandebateleague.org/PDFs/HUDLContributionForm.pdf.

To talk to someone involved in the organization, contact Kevin Dubose at kdubose@adtappellate.com.

Please consider making a small donation of your time and/or money that can make a huge difference in the lives of children who need help.